Observations From My Vacation Planning

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Here are a few observations I made as my wife Tonya and I spent much of the day planning and making reservations for our family vacation to Walt Disney World.

1) The key to good customer service is customer satisfaction not problem resolution. If your church/organization will plan and focus on delivering what the consumer needs it will spend less time trying to repair the disappointment of unmet expectations.
2) A web-site can be utilized to answer any question that a consumer might have about a product or service. A discussion board built into your web-site can be beneficial in allowing the customer to ask questions concerning things that you may not have anticipated.
3) I will pay large sums of money for excellent products and services and chances are you will as well. What does that mean for you if you are serving in a church? It means that individuals and families in your community will invest their God given resources in ministries and resources that are planned and executed well.
4) We have not made our vacation choice around our children's preferences. We have made our selection based on our ability to interact with our children in an environment that is fun and exciting for them. It is likely that families would visit and possibly even join your church community if your church was intentional about creating environments where adults and children could interact together while being mutually satisfied. Fore example, my wife and I have chosen to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day because we require food to nourish our bodies, but we have chosen restaurants that provide character dining so we can have a story book experience with our children.
These are just a few minor observations that I made today. It seems to me that our churches and non-profit organizations could learn a lot by studying those that are thriving in the marketplace. I'm just sayin...

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