Would I Do It All Over Again?

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This week I am beginning my recovery from three weeks of summer camp in which case I have joked and said that it will take me three months to recover. As I am typing my mind fades off into some far away place and then I snap back into reality. It feels like I have been up for months. On top of that, I have a huge amount of work that has gone undone. Thanks to modern technology however, I was able to keep up with some work via my BlackBerry.

 So… I am tired beyond measure, behind on my work, and I missed my wife’s birthday. Seems bleak huh. Well, before you get out the tissues I want to say that I would do it all over again. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why:

  1.   My son was with me all three weeks and he told me it was the best summer he has ever had. 
  2. The separation helped me appreciate how much I love my wife.
  3. Living in community with kids and teenagers is more genuine because there was less pretense than there would have been if I was with just adults for the same three week period. The children and teenagers are always more open and honest about their lives.
  4. Two of my students expressed a call into full time ministry.
  5. It is rewarding for me to invest my life into the next generation.
  6. It gave me time to think while being free from the distractions of every day life.
  7. I was able to refresh friendships with other youth workers that I only see three or four times a year.
  8. I was able to develop new friendships with students and adults from around the state. 
  9. Rippling Waters Campground is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places for me. And it holds many special memories from years past.
  10. Dodgeball and Sharks & Minnows (you can review some of my more recent posts for a better understanding of these two).
Let me know what you have invested yourselves in this summer and what you have gained from the experience.

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