Free Audio Book

Posted by Larry

Christian Audio is a company that produces audio books and other forms of Christian media. As a part of marketing they are currently offering a free audio download each month. This month the free download is The Divine Comedy (unabridged) by Dante Alighieri.
If you find yourself too busy to read this is a great alternative. You can listen in the car or on your favorite portable media device.
Free Book
When you arrive on the page:
1) select download and click add to cart
2) verify that the book qty is 1 then click checkout
3) if you do not have an account you will have to create one-click create account and follow the directions
4) if you have an account – sign in
5) you will be prompted for a code – enter the free code (this month it is aug2009)
6) verify the invoice total balance is $0.00 and click checkout
7) Final verification – if okay click finish (PLEASE CLICK FINISH ONLY ONE TIME)
8) Wait until your order is verified and then you should be able to click on the title on the left of the screen
9) After selecting the title you will be asked to choose your format MP3 is the most compatible format, M4B is for Apple/i-pod users, and then WMA for Windows users.
10) After choosing your format your downloads will appear at the bottom of the screen-there is usually more than one download for each book
I hope you enjoy.

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