Do You Want To Get Rich Today?

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In our society today it seems that everyone is looking for a get rich quick scheme.  As I have been investigating best practices for blogging I ran across this headline “Free Video Reveals: The #1 Secret That Helped Us Make Up To $94,042 Per Month As Niche Marketers On Total Autopilot.” At first glance this juicy title gets the adrenaline pumping.  After all, don’t you want to make tons of cash with very little work?  So do I!
When you stop to think about it you know that life doesn’t work that way.  Whether you own your own business, work for someone else, manage a blog, or bag groceries, work is work.  It takes time and energy.  No matter what endeavor you pursue in building financial security you will be required to invest yourself into the process.  It will not happen without effort.
My advice is to give up on those schemes that promise something for nothing.  It is probably true that these individuals are making tons of money, but not because they have found the magic formula for success, but more accurately they are selling us on a false hope of great riches with little to know work.  And… There unknown secret is available to you for a “small” fee.
Once you have decided to give up on these foolish magic makers then you can explore strengthening your financial platform. Here are a couple of ideas for you to explore as you consider different options for the future.
1.  Figure out what you are good at and what you enjoy, then begin a part time business on the side.  Start slow and learn all that you can.  Eventually it just might turn into a lucrative business.
2.  Explore new ways to use what you already do to earn extra cash flow.  Maybe there is a part of what you do that can be marketed in a different way.  Perhaps you could blog about your experience and teach people about what you do.
3.  Start making better choices with the money you have right now.  Dave Ramsey has a great program to help you in this area.

How are you creatively earning extra income?  Please leave a comment I would be interested to know.

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