Is Television Satan’s Toolbox

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HUNTIK Secrets and Seekers
Long before recorded time, humanity was faced with an evil of unimaginable power. From the ranks of mankind arose the Seekers, those with strong will who could harness energies of the Spirit World and call forth an army of powerful Titans.

I have been watching this show (HUNTIK Secrets and Seekers) with my son over the past week on YouTube.  We do not have cable or satellite in our home so we pursue other avenues to meet our entertainment needs.  I stumbled across this show while searching for something else on YouTube and we decided to give it a try.  We have watched all 26 episodes that are posted and we both enjoyed the series very much.  So just today I was reading the above tag line along with some other information about the show and I realized that these words make me a little uneasy.  As a Christian I am very concerned about what my children think about the spiritual world.  I want them to have a Biblical view of such things.
It also occurred to me that others in Christian circles would even be critical of my choice to view this animated show with my children.  At which point I began to ask myself what other choices were out there from a Christian perspective.  I came up with Veggie Tales and Focus on the Family has the Last Chance Detectives series, but other than that I am at a loss.
So I think the question begs to be asked, “If the Church is supposed to be helping transform culture, why are we not leading the way with compelling messages in the medium that most people consume information (i.e. television or video)?”
Here is a list of the good qualities that I found in this show:
1)  Clear lines drawn between good and evil.
2)  One of the main characters experiences the power of receiving forgiveness and ultimately redemption.
3)  Good story line.
4)  Values loyalty
5)  Good portrayal of the family (Locke Lambert’s family)
6)  There is always a mission, a mystery to be solved, and of course bad guys that need a good martial arts butt kickin.
There are many other things that I found to be good qualities in this show.  I am not listing these things so that you will run out with your children and buy the DVDs or surf the net and watch it, but I do want to say that not all television is bad even if we do not agree with all aspects of the programming.  Now I am the first to tell you that we need to control what we consume because it effects the person that we are becoming so please hold the lectures.  But until Christians start leading the way in the market place of ideas we will have to learn to navigate this mine field the best we can.  If you have children, watch television with them and then talk to them about  the aspects of what you have just watched.  Teach them to think critically about what they consume and emphasize the qualities that line up with Christian values and bring to light those qualities that do not.

What have you been watching lately and why?  Is it the content, the genre, curiosity, etc…?

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