It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

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I am sure that you have heard someone use the phrase “It is better to give than to receive.” We often hear these words spoken when a parent or grandparent tries to teach a child making selfish choices that he is choosing a foolish way to live.
I remember spending a Christmas with my friend Scott when we were teenagers. His family was having a gift exchange at his grandmother’s house a few days before Santa’s big day. I have two very fond memories of that day.
1) The grandparents did not expect me to be amongst the guests that evening, therefore, they were surprised when I showed up with the family. At first I was a little embarrassed and a tad uncomfortable. My uneasiness quickly faded away when I realized that the family had sent someone out to the store to make sure I had a couple of gifts when it came time to exchange presents. I felt really good when I opened the present with my name on it, but I could tell that what joy I experienced that evening was little compared to the family as they watched me open the gift and be a part of the family. I received a far better gift than a Christmas present that night as this family loved me.
2) The most remarkable event of the evening was when Scott’s cousin Shane opened a box and immediately began to complain about the jeans that were inside. Shane’s mother came out of nowhere into the circle we had formed; grabbed him by the arm and escorted him from the room giving him a lecture on the way out. I still laugh at the sight of that little woman dragging her son through a crowd of people and stacks of presents.
This is a perfect contrast between those that have learned the truth in this often spoken adage, “It is better to give than receive.” The grandparents in the family would not accept me participating in this family event and being forced to sit and watch everyone delight in opening gifts and having nothing of my own to enjoy.
On the other hand we have a young boy that had been given designer clothes his entire life and up to that point in his life had never learned to give. He had only learned to receive and because of that it built selfishness. Each time he received he thought he deserved better than the time before.
What about you? Is your attitude more of a giving attitude today or a receiving attitude?
Tell me how you have given to others this summer. What small act of kindness have you given someone else?

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