How To Make Someone Feel Like A Champion Today

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Kingdom Hearts BoxshotMy son has been playing the game Kingdom Hearts for PS2 lately. He got it for Christmas and has taken quite some time to actually pour himself into it. Well like any new activity there is a learning curve. There are things that he finds easier to accomplish than others and there are things that at first seem almost impossible to overcome.
This morning he must have been dealing with one of the more difficult tasks. He walked up and asked if I could help him with the game and then he began to describe the difficulty he was having. As he concluded his remarks he said, “That’s why I need your help, you are usually good at stuff like that.”
As I listened to my son talk I only got confused as he was trying to describe his plight with the game. However, when he told me that he needed my help and gave the impression that I had a strength he could utilize I felt like Superman. Now, you must know that I am not a gamer. Until we purchased our first game console for our children a couple of years ago I had not played video games since I was a child. I wasn’t even sure I could help him, but his words made me feel like a champion.
That leads me to ask you…
What admirable qualities and strengths do you recognize in others?
When you recognize those qualities in someone today why not brag on them. Let them and others know what you see that is so great. If you do this, you will have less time to point out their faults and in the long run you will probably find yourself with more friends and less enemies.

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