Life Is Fragile

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In just over an hour I will begin a 90 minute trip to Parkersburg, West Virginia.  A couple of the students in my youth ministry and I will be going to a viewing for a young man that was shot and killed a few days ago.
In these moments I realize that there is nothing that I can say that can take away the pain that the family feels.  Only God can do that.  We are making this journey today to let the family know that Chad’s life helped impact our lives for the better.  While this may not soothe the pain, I am hopeful that it will bring a measure of comfort to the family, and they can see that Chad lived a life worth celebrating.
Also, as I make this trip with high school students and young adults I am prayerful that each of them will realize how fragile life is.  Often times we consider our youth a time to be carefree; until that magic day of adulthood hits and then it is time to be responsible.  I want each of my students to value their life today.  I want them to use this short time they are given on Earth to make an eternal impact. 
That leaves me to ask myself, “Am I wasting the time that I have been given?”

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