5 Reasons Why People Create And Provide Artistic Expression

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  1. Pleasure-it provides personal fulfillment and gratification
  2. To express their inner thoughts
  3. To express mood
  4. As a form of communication
  5. To provide a more welcome and suitable environment

Just yesterday I shared with you a poem by my friend Megan. Her words were just an expression of her personal walk with Christ. I hope that story has encouraged you to do the same. To create and give expression of yourself into the world around you that it might be forever changed.
What could you create with one of the motivators above. To better help you, let us look at each one in the form of a question.
What is it that brings you joy?
Perhaps you could clean out your daughter’s closet, rob the cushions from the living room couch, lay them in the closet, drape a sheet over the door way, and create a comfortable hide away that is sure to make any 6 year old smile.
What is on your mind?
Perhaps you could create a letter that expresses you opinion about what is going on in your state or national government and send it too you representative.
What are you feeling right now? What is going on in your life?
Perhaps you are feeling lonely and you need to create a friendship. Today would be a great day to pick up the phone and call or text someone and plan a fun outing.
What is it that you feel like you need say?
Perhaps you could create a video of yourself and share some favorite memories of your life to be shared with friends and family at your funeral.

Where do you spend most of your time?
Perhaps there are some things in your home or on the job that could be done to make life better for you and for others. Perhaps you could create a calm atmosphere by changing your attitude. Perhaps you could create resting place for the family by cleaning up the living room.

Have fun creating!!!

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