Take Some Steps To Bring Focus To Your Life

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Dr. Howard Hendricks said, “The secret of concentration is elimination.”
This season of my life is becoming a reflective season for me.  I am asking questions about what is important to me and evaluating whether or not I am being effective to do the things that I want to accomplish. 
I have noticed that life has a tendency to shift towards chaos and complexity.  We just continue to add things to life without ever evaluating why we do them; why we give attention to certain relationships; why we talk more than we act; etc… I am aware that there are certain things that are important to me and now I have to make decisions about what needs to be given up so that I can focus my time and energy on those things.
These are never easy decisions to make because I will have to give up some things that I enjoy doing to focus on what I think is most important.  Also, I know there will be resistance from others as they will want me to fit their mold.  But… God has given me stewardship over this life to live and one day I will be accountable.
What about you?  Are there things that you can or should give up to make your life more productive?
You could make a list of the key areas of your life and then list what is important for you to accomplish in each of those areas.  Then every three months you could take some time to evaluate if you are living the life you want to live.

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