How Do You Give Expression To Your Walk With Christ

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The words below are from my friend Megan. She said that God woke her up around 5am a couple of days ago and then she sat down and wrote the words to the poem you are about to read. With her permission I am excited to share this work of art with you because it is confirmation for me that God is still inspiring His creation to be creators. He is still working to give the world a fresh glimpse of his character, his holiness, and his majesty through individuals that will dare to share their walk of faith with the rest of us.

by: Megan (age 16)
Tonight I lie awake
Like many of my nights before
God, I don't know why You give and take away
But I know once my heart laid shattered on the floor

So many thoughts run through my head
But Lord, I've remembered every word You've said

Thoughts of how You awakened my weary soul
Without ever making me pay a toll

For right now, ALL I can do is try to sing myself to sleep
In the hopes that I will find Your Peace

I am beyond unworthy of this beautiful love You give
But it is in ONLY YOU that I live

I have fallen short of Your grace
But I have never stopped seeking Your face

And I have been unlovable
But You Oh God are unstoppable

You still love me
Because that's EXACTLY what I need

How beautiful Your love is for me
Thanks so much my SAVIOR who has set me free

I have NEVER been unloved
Thanks to the ALMIGHTY Emanuel above

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
He has beautiful plans for you too
Declares the LORD,
Calling like grace through the discord
"Plans to prosper You,"
Plans to make you succeed through
"And not to harm you."

But His plan will help and make you anew
"Plans to give you hope,"
"These plans will give you what you really want and need to cope
And a future."
With plans in which us He will nurture
-Jeremiah 29:11


What have you created for God lately? Who did you share it with?

Megan is 16 years old and she is daring to share her walk of faith with the world around her. God wants each of us to have the same courage. Will you join Megan and begin to give expression to your relationship with your Creator?

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