Don’t Waste Your Time With Image Management

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All of us have an image of the person that we want to be. If you are a mom you have an image of how you want your children to see you, how your husband sees you in this role, how other moms view you, how your mother will view you, how your grandmother will view you, how you want the pastor to view you, etc…  If you are a dad its the same thing. You have an image of the man that you want everyone to see when they picture you in that roll. Your wife, your children, your dad, your grandfather, other dads, etc…
The problem is that sometimes there is a gap between our preferred image and who we really are. The person we put out to everyone else isn't the "real me" or the “real you.”
You and I can spend our time doing image management or character development.

   Image Management- covering up the person that we are in hopes that everyone else will believe that we are the person that we know we should be. 

    Character Development- being honest about the person that you are; and trusting God to help you become the person that you should be.
What is your response to these questions?
Are you just trying to blend in?
Are you trying to cover something up?
Are you pretending to be someone you are not?
Are you withholding half the truth?
Are you feeling guilty?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions there may be a gap between the person that you are and the person that you want everyone else to believe that you are?
Take action today to take off any masks that you might be wearing and show the “real you.”

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