Daily Discipline Leads To Long Term Follow Through

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One thing I have noticed about myself is that I have a difficult time with long term follow through.  I cannot count the number of things in my life I have started and not finished.  As you might imagine this has left me feeling disappointed at times and wrestling with the guilt of my failure to complete or stick with things over the long haul.
I have reflected on many things over the past couple of weeks that I wish I had followed through with but didn’t. I know that if I had completed these things I would have more choices for the future.  That’s why writing this blog is so important to me.  It forces me to address an area of weakness in my character while focusing on an area of strength in the way God designed me. 
Committing to write a blog helps me build daily discipline that will hopefully lead to long term follow through and also forces me to communicate regularly whether anyone reads it or not.  While at the same time I get to write and share what limited knowledge I might possess for those who might choose to read.
Take some time to make some observations about yourself.  Are there some character qualities that you could stand to improve?  Is there an area of strength that you need to focus on?

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