Good Advice- Start Solving Problems

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Today I was looking at my Google Analytics page to see what kind of traffic this blog was getting.  As I looked over the numbers I got a little discouraged.  The past three days have been way down!  So I started reading through some material on how to increase blog traffic in hopes of helping a little.

That’s when it occurred to me… I am not writing this blog just so lots of people will read it.  I am writing this blog so that I can help those that do read it.  Now it would be great if 100,000 people read my blog (well it would be great if 100 people read this blog) but that is not why I am writing.

I have found that as I read through much of the material published on attracting blog traffic that it really doesn’t line up with why I want readers.  It seems that the end game for many people seeking the same information is too know how to turn a quick profit.  Not the case for me.  But the one great tid-bit of info that I believe I discovered was the advice to “Start Solving Problems.”

Not so much that I am going to solve anything for you today, but encourage you to start doing that for someone else.  Also, to lead your church in doing that for your community.  Why sit around and get discouraged about not having any friends or low attendance showing up on Sunday mornings when there are ways to change all of that?  Just remember that it is not about the number of friends or visitors that can be obtained.  Good deeds always attract people.

I needed this advice today to help me realize where my priorities are.  I am writing a blog to help others see things a little differently and hopefully have a God-centered view of life.  That type of influence must be earned.  I am not telling someone how to play games, fix their pc, or repair a bike.  I am asking people to view themselves and the world around them through God’s eyes.  That is more relational than informational.


What is some good advice that you have gotten lately?  Or a nugget of truth that changed how you think?

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