Masculine Qualities I Want My Son To Have

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The idea of masculinity is going by the wayside in our culture today.  Our society is doing everything that it can to morph men into something all together different than God originally intended.  We celebrate the young boy that sits passively in his seat, follows instruction and obeys without disruption.   We scorn the young man that has enough chivalry to say yes mam and hold the door open for a young lady because it is said to be condescending to her “independence.”  We are even performing surgeries for men who claim that there has been some sort of mistake made by God.  They claim that they are a “woman trapped in a man’s body” so we allow them to undergo a sex change.

In light of what I see going on in the world around me I have been reflecting on the values that I want to pass onto my son who is now 9 years old.  I have assembled below some masculine qualities that I want my son to have.

I picture myself standing before my son much like a king would stand before a man who is about to become a knight to remind him of the responsibility he has.  I imagine that I would say something like this:

My son, you are charged to honor God.  As a man, you are to walk in purity and live in such a way that it is obvious to those around you that God alone possesses your heart.  You are created differently than your female counterparts and will be expected to act accordingly.  It is an honor to wear the mantle of manhood and pursue God’s divine plan for your life.  Your journey will be unique; it will be an adventure; it will be difficult; it will require discipline and sacrifice; yet, it will have its reward when you have lived this life and you stand in eternity.

As a man…

  1. You are a protector.  It is your duty to defend women, children, and all other members of our society that would be exploited.  It is also your duty to defend our land from both domestic and foreign enemies.
  2. You are to honor the purity of young ladies. 
  3. You are to work hard and earn you own way in life.
  4. You are not to engage in sexual relationships with other men.
  5. You are to be the spiritual leader of your home.  You alone will carry the burden to center your family around God’s Word.
  6. Do not let your decisions be determined by fear.  Show courage in the face of intimidation.

Now take up your cross and follow Christ.

Raising children in our day and time presents its own unique obstacles.  Our society is changing everyday.  Apart from the character values every person should have these are the things that I think are particularly relevant to raising a young boy in our world today.

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